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March 7, 2024

Summer Camps + High Performance Clinics

Academy Programs

Our academy programs are structured into two categories: Development (U8 – U12) and Competitive (U13 – U18). The Pre-Academy program is only for development and starts at U6.

Girls Players Practicing


Also known as our Advanced development Program (ADP), the pre-academy provides your young athlete with a strong foundation in soccer skills and knowledge. We build their confidence through mentorship, repetition, and socialization to prepare them for success as they grow.

Girls Academy​

We nurture and develop competitive female soccer players through top tier coaching focused on skills and intelligent play, and building strong team-oriented dynamics. We empower female players to achieve success on the pitch, and support them in academic athletics.

Boys Academy

For male players who want to make the commitment to competitive soccer, our professional coaches will further develop skills and strengths through individualized instruction and work ethic, mentorship, and teamwork, to best position them for success as elite athletes.

Goalkeeper Academy

We are developing the next generation of ambitious, fearless and tactically sound young goalkeepers. This program is for individuals who are wanting to be the backbone of a team, learn and hone their skills, and push their boundaries to the highest level of competitive goalkeeping.

Why Force Soccer Academy

With so many academies and soccer clubs to choose from, what is it about Force Soccer Academy that makes it the best choice? Force is an accredited Ontario Recognized Academy (ORA), showcasing the technical and administrative standards set by Ontario Soccer. We are also a member of of the OASL as a Tier 1 Academy. Beyond our recognition within the soccer community, there are three core elements that make us a top choice for new and experienced youth soccer players.

Playing Time

All Force Academy teams get three practices each week, and our teams stay small enough to ensure every player gets equal time on the pitch.


We have built a team of elite coaches across all age levels with experience playing and coaching at the local, national and international level.


We are not just nurturing better soccer players, we are helping young people develop into respectful, confident, and inspired young adults.


We love soccer, and we want the kids to love it too. We ensure that our children are playing in a safe, fun, and engaging athletic environment.

What parents and players say about us...

Shawn Faria

Coach Profile: Shawn Faria

Technical Lead, Girls Program

Shawn Faria’s journey in the world of soccer is nothing short of impressive. He played at the collegiate level on a full athletic scholarship (University of Louisville), and continued his playing career in the United Soccer League (USL). He holds a National Youth Coaching License, which is awarded to coaches who have demonstrated not only a deep understanding of the technical and tactical aspects of the game but also a profound ability to connect with and inspire young players.

Shawn has a Bachelor of Science from University of Louisville, and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and is a dedicated high school teacher. Shawn is a dedicated high school teacher, bringing his passion for teaching and mentoring to both the classroom and the pitch.