The Force – Onwards and Upwards

The Force - Onwards and Upwards

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What do you do when your academy becomes so popular that other clubs decide to ‘borrow’ your name?

Well. You let them. 

Then you pick a new name, one that embodies the mission, vision, and values of your program that has been carefully developed over years. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present The FORCE! 

We are still the same academy for elite soccer training and the same BSC Academy community – but together We Are The FORCE! 

Onwards and Upwards

It’s not easy picking a new name, a new identity, when you lived and breathed Burlington Soccer Club Academy for years.  When the decision was made that the time was right to move onwards and upwards we got the whole family involved.  This was not a snap decision.  We came up with a list of ideas and put it to a vote, it was close but The FORCE was the winner.

From the youngest to the oldest every single member of our community had a say.  This approach encompasses the meaning of The FORCE; we are one, we are a team, we stand together. 

Once the name was sorted, well, that was when the fun began because we had to design a whole new identity for our family.  As anyone who knows design, you start with a bunch of wonderful ideas and then end up with something completely different, and perfect.  Everyone likes a different colour or a different font but we took our time and developed a crest/logo that will remain with The FORCE as we continue to grow.

Our New Crest

A crest is an important part of a club’s identity, it becomes the brand, and like any good brand identity it encapsulates everything a person needs to know.  When you think of some of the most famous clubs around the world, even people with just a passing interest will be able to pick out the Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Barcelona crests. 

Our new crest shows everyone that we are a proud Canadian grassroots soccer organization.  We provide elite soccer training for exceptional players.  Our coaches are professionally trained and have played soccer either professionally or in college.  We train soccer players from U7-U21 –  but our families know it’s more than that, it’s teaching teamwork and courage. 

There is an expectation of excellence that runs throughout our academy.  We expect the best from our players and in turn they will get the best age-and-stage appropriate soccer education available.  If you read our testimonials page you will see that our families know we encourage our players to be the best they can be, both on and off the field. 

This is what The FORCE means to us, together we are a force of nature that brings kids and families together from all over the world and all walks of life and teach them respect, determination, and the love of the game.