Goalkeeper Academy

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Welcome to The Force goalkeeper academy

We are committed to developing the next generation of Canadian goalkeeper. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop ambitious, fearless and tactically sound young goalkeepers. Our academy’s philosophy is transparent throughout all age groups and positions starting with the back bone that is our goalkeepers. We do not simply want to develop generic individuals. We are actively searching for those individuals who want to push themselves and their boundaries in order to reach the highest level possible. Our goalkeeping philosophy aligns with the rest of our academies philosophy that we want brave young players who are
looking to impact the game.

Divisions U8 - U12

We would like to introduce a goalkeeping bursary. This bursary is for goalkeepers who are full time goalkeepers. There will be three tiers of a bursary available.

The tier the goalkeeping is evaluated on will be done by their age groups had coach, our goalkeeping coach, as well as our technical director. After the discovery sessions (3 practices) the tier and bursary level will be communicated.

Qualities of a Force Academy Goalkeeper

Here at The Force academy we are looking for young goalkeepers who demonstrate some key character traits such as:

We are looking to develop young goalkeepers technical abilities that include:

In order to perform the actions required of the position we are actively seeking young goalkeepers who demonstrate a high level of:

We are want to develop a higher breed of young goalkeepers. We want them to develop a general understanding of all the positions on the playing field not only their own. We encourage our goalkeepers to impact the game, we do not only want goalkeepers who can make a big save we want them to be able to impact the game in a variety of ways such as:

Grainger Munro

Goalkeeping Coach

Force Academy has been an incredible experience, I experienced a bit of hardship when I finished playing at school, I was used to training and maintaining a certain schedule. Becoming a goalkeeper coach has helped me adapt to life after my playing career, the other coaches at the academy are extremely motivating and we work well as a unit. Also interacting with so many talented young athletes makes the entire experience that much more enjoyable. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing them improve. Teaching the fundamentals of goalkeeping has also helped me become a better keeper as well, being able to identify what needs to be worked on has drastically improved my own ability to self assess and pushes me to be a better coach every day”



Coaching Certifications: