Pre-Academy – U6 and up!

Develop your skills

Welcome to The Force Advance Development Program – U6 and up!

ADP, is an advanced development program for players who want to build strong foundations in soccer from in those early ages and improve their skill levels and graduate to academy level competition. We start at U6 and up and our amazing coaches know exactly how to train for each player to be the best they can be. . ADP will feature a more intricate training system that will aide in the development of the young athletes. The focus of the program is developing player’s athletic potential with proven techniques on training co-ordination, speed, agility and strength. On top of this, players will receive technical training from our club’s technical director, who will build the strong foundations in soccer they will need to play at the highest levels. These foundations include footwork, ball control, 1v1 skills (attacking and defending), passing, shooting as well as their weak foot competency.

No matter the position played or skill level – our ADP program will improve all aspects of the player’s game. Our coaches have a unique ability to see the soccer player in each child and are able to nurture that skill and make it shine!

It will come as no surprise that learning to work together as a team is not something you can do on your own. Socialization and training go hand-in-hand and every parent knows, now more than ever, just how important developing social skills are.

At Force Academy, our player development focuses not just on skills but on the whole child, including physical, emotional, and social. We take a holistic view to training and our philosophy centres around teaching skills and tactics while also encouraging each player to find the confidence within them to succeed in the sport. Some are born leaders and some are not, but they all thrive as part of a disciplined and supportive team.

Please contact us for further details.