Socializing Soccer – connecting kids post pandemic

Socializing Soccer

We all know the impact that this pandemic and lockdown has had on us and on our children. Not being able to attend school and/or meet with friends has caused depression, anxiety, and a host of other issues. Studies have shown that being unable to socialize can have a drastic effect on kids’ mental and emotional state as well as overall health and immune system (2020 study on adolescent mental health during the COVID pandemic).

Now that lockdown measures are easing it’s time for all of us to learn how to socialize again.

How soccer can help overcome the pandemic blues

School’s out and our kids won’t be back in class until at least September. In an average year that would be a welcome relief from stuffy classrooms, packed lunches, and drop-off/pick-up routine.  This year it means even less contact with classmates and peers, sometimes it feels like our kids may never leave their rooms again.

But they need to, they have to, get out of those rooms and get moving again. Activity, sunshine, socializing are all ways we can help shake off the lockdown fog.

Soccer is a team sport, the lessons learned and friendships made on the field carry on over into life. The physical activity, fresh air, and social interaction will bring a smile back on those faces that having been staring at computer screens for too long.

Kids and Covid – its time get out and play again

Kids are resilient and hopefully these past few years will soon be a distant memory.  We’ve already started back to practice and the difference in our players has been amazing to see.  We’ve had parents tell us how after just one week of practice their kids are happier, sleeping better, and are more engaged in school and at home.  This isn’t surprising to us as it’s been shown that kids who play co-curricular sports usually do better academically.  Training for any sport takes patience, concentration, memory skills and critical thinking – all of which help in the classroom.

But after all this time in lockdown, kids just wanna have fun and who can blame them. Many have seen their sports clubs closing during the pandemic and have been left unsure of what to do next.  The Force Academy has been growing through this time as we kept our players engaged with online sessions and homework – if you call watching soccer games homework.

The Force Academy has been training soccer players since 2012.  We offer age and stage appropriate training for boys and girls from U6 and up.  We now have a pre-academy that provides professional level coaching for those players who need to improve their skills prior to joining one of our competitive elite teams.

Most of all we are a fun and caring academy that knows just how lucky we are to be able to teach and play the game we love with people we care about. If you would like to be part of The Force family reach out and give us a call or drop us an email on our Contact Us page.