About Us

Encouragement, instruction, and respect

Our Vision

To provide a positive and nurturing environment for youth soccer players of all levels to develop as athletes and individuals.

Our Mission‚Äč

Force Soccer Academy is committed to providing a long term growth and development plan for players from U6 to U18. Learn more about our Standards and Structure in alignment with Ontario Soccer Grassroots Standards and the Talented Pathway.

Youth soccer is an individual journey, with each player being a part of the collective team. Through our innovative and proven coaching approach, players are encouraged and taught to be creative problem solvers, without fear of making mistakes, as they learn to face challenges on and off the pitch.

Our coaches, players, parents and administrators are all together as one club, with a single identity that we can all be proud of.

Our Philosophy

We believe in a holistic approach to development, where players can learn in an environment free from pressure of outcome, where the focus is on performance and process.

Players must be able to challenge themselves, learn from their mistakes, and grow as a part of a team.

Force Soccer Academy will always foster a culture of fair play and friendship throughout all of its activities with emphasis on playing the game in an honest manner, and showing the utmost respect for our opponents in victory and defeat.

We expect discipline from players and their families during practice and competition.

Coach Speaking to Girls Team

Our Instruction

The foundation of the Force Soccer Academy philosophy is our structured, disciplined and stable environment where commitment, personal values, and principles are the priority. While winning is part of the process in our club, nurturing and developing a winning and professional attitude is more important. Our success is defined by the impact that we leave on our players that lasts a lifetime. We focus on four major areas:


We work in partnership with parents to prepare players for the pressures of playing at high levels in soccer and for life.


Our curriculum focuses on ball mastery and technique, passing and receiving, possession and pressing for the ball.


We nurture players to build their soccer intelligence, focusing on decision-making and problem solving.


Our players learn to see the entire field, and encourage them to express themselves in their play.

Girls Shaking Hands

Our Values

Our players are from all ages and backgrounds, with different life experience, personalities, and reasons behind why they decided to join our academy. You may be a parent with a child who struggles with anxiety, looking to challenge them in a safe and supportive environment; or you may be a seasoned youth soccer player looking to learn from the most elite coaching staff in the region. There are three core values:


Our first priority is that our players and their families enjoy themselves. Having a positive experience practicing and playing games is fundamental to long term success.


Maximum touches, repetition, game scenarios, 1:1 and 1:2 ball-to-player ratios, psychomotor development, small group tactics, and core attacking and defending principles are just some of the aspects of our development methodology.


Competition is a healthy outlet for young players to challenge themselves. We create an environment where we positively reinforce kids trying their best and not pressure results.