What makes a soccer player?

What makes a soccer player?

Our players and families come in all shapes and sizes, from many different cultures and backgrounds.  One thing they all have in common is – the love playing the game.  But what makes a soccer player?  Do they need to be tall, or fast, or strong, or…. The fact is it doesn’t matter, anyone can play soccer and everyone who is playing can become better.

We’ve heard it so many times, kids who don’t make their school soccer team because they’re ‘too small’.  Some of the greatest players in the world are not considered tall; Lionel Messi (5 ft. 7 in.), David Beckham (6 ft.), Pele (5 ft. 8 in.), Diego Maradona (5 ft. 5 in.). 

The desire to play and the internal need to improve every day is what makes a good player a  great player.  From our youngest to our oldest players the love of the game is

What’s a game face?

Well that all depends on what age you’re talking about.  Our youngest players bring that big huge smile and a belly full of laughter to practice and games.  It’s fun!  It’s a game! I’m with my friends! We are the FORCE!

As they get older they start to imitate the swagger of their favourite players, they get a little more serious but that smile is still there.  You even hear the belly laughs from time to time.  It’s fun! We’re getting better! We’re a team! We are the FORCE!

The older players are all business, but they still head to practice with a smile because they are doing what they love.  The passion for soccer is obvious, the desire to win is there, the effort to be the best is clear. We’re the best! We’re here to win! We are the FORCE!

You’ll see it on their faces, no matter how long they’ve been playing or practicing, there is always time for one more shot on goal, one more meg, one more tackle.  It doesn’t matter what age they are they don’t want to go home, they’d stay put all night.  Kids that don’t want to get up for school will bounce out of bed when there’s a game to be played.  That smile, the determination, the sweat, the adrenaline – that’s a game face.

The Beautiful Game

Let’s be honest most kids are not going to grow up playing first string international soccer.  Playing on a competitive team is so much more than that.  We encourage all of our players to be the best that they can be – no matter what they are doing.  This focuses on the whole child and teaches leadership, teamwork, health, social skills, the list goes on.  The Force provides experiences beyond the world of the soccer pitch; our players have had opportunities to play both in Canada and beyond, we have players that have gone on to receive scholarships to college, there are opportunities to fulfill their high school community service hours. 

Is my child a soccer player?

Well, you’ll have to ask them. Like we said anyone can be a soccer player.  We provide age-and-stage appropriate training with professional coaches who utilize proven coaching methods.

We love seeing the changes and progression kids make as they work their way through our program.  Even if they decide that soccer isn’t for them, they will have gained a great deal of experience they will carry with them through life and any other sports they wish to play.

We’d love to have them come by and try out.  Younger age groups start learning skills and learning how to be part of a team.  Older age groups practice hard and play in our soccer bubble. 

The first time you see the game face on your child you’ll know, they’re hooked.