Girls Only Program

Girls Only Program Ad

Elevate your child’s soccer journey with our empowering Girls Youth Soccer Program! Tailored for young athletes, ages 7-9, our program is a dynamic blend of skill development and teamwork. Led by experienced coaches, we instill a passion for the game while honing essential fundamentals like dribbling, passing, and shooting. Through engaging drills and interactive sessions, girls will not only enhance their soccer prowess but also build confidence and camaraderie.

Join us to foster a love for the sport and equip your daughter with the tools she needs to thrive on and off the field. Unleash her potential with every kick, goal, and celebration!

This girls only development program is going to be run out of the new facility on January 8th and it will run for 8 weeks until February 26th. It will cost $180 and we really want to push that it is girls only. I’ve attached the social post that went up today for reference.