At Force Academy, we are passionate about player development. We take a holistic view to training . Our philosophy revolves around developing players as a whole, not only developing the skills and tactics needed to succeed in the sport, but also providing each player with skills such as leadership, confidence and discipline that they can carry into other aspects of their lives. We aim for personal and athletic success for all our players. 
Force Academy has been able to provide our players with a variety of opportunities on and off the pitch. The skills we provide have been able to give some of our players chances to participate in higher level soccer both in Canada and overseas, as well as receiving scholarships to colleges/universities. Force Academy also puts a lot of focus on having a community feel. Part of this is having players from our older teams help out throughout the academy by reffing, coaching and volunteering. This gives them experience as a leader, while also giving our younger athletes people to look up to and receive guidance from. 
At Force Academy. We are proud of all of our members. Our “player profiles” showcases our players and our “player spotlight” features players who have particularly stood out in recent weeks and gives them the recognition they deserve. We strive for our players to succeed in their goals and provide them with the tools, resources and connections to do so.  
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